Sophia Massad is an alternative/indie-rock artist, reigning from Oklahoma City. Her sultry to sassy vocal tones sculpt her unique sound. With her rugged charm, exuberant sense of humor, and absurd performance style, Sophia Massad pours herself into every song. Her musical style, inspired by the Alabama Shakes, Amy Winehouse, and Fleetwood Mac, can be both lawless and poetically honest. Massad’s biting lyrics reveal raw and transparent frustration.


Massad released her first single “Insecurities” about her ex-boyfriend and the idea of someone putting down others because of their own insecurities. Massad started her career with poppier songs, so the edgy anthem was just what she needed to launch her individual sound.


Her second single, “Alone at Night,” is a slower jam about introspection, starting with the lyric “drink to remember or drink to forget.” Massad’s style has been described as “formidable and poetically honest,” which perfectly describes the second single.


“Nighttime is kind of the rawest time for someone, and, when you’re really alone in your bedroom, and you just kind of find the deepest, darkest parts of you, it can just be really hard to just lay in bed and focus on yourself for some time,” Massad said in an interview with Dennis Spielman from Uncovering Oklahoma.


Her most recent single, “Come Back Home,” featuring Chase Kerby, is another look into her mind. After a dark and strenuous heartbreak, Massad, transfixed on her muse, sat down at the piano and created Come Back Home, a story of finding the love of her life, then losing him to the chaos and confusion of this world. While still mystified, Massad managed to write the song full of hope, blissful memories, and warmth.


Even though she’s only 23, Massad has had years of experience in the music industry.


She started singing at the Rodeo Opry when she was twelve. She entered into online schooling at 16 and recorded her first EP. At that time, her sound was much poppier, and she wanted to be the next Katy Perry.


“It was not who i wanted to be,” Massad said. “It was more towards like this is who people want me to be, like this is what people listen to, so this is what music I should make. That’s when I listened to the radio and was just trying to be famous. I was 16.”


She started the Sophia Massad Project in March 2018, with the goal to write for herself, and to let art and creativity flow through her, rather than forcing something out that is not genuine and pure.


“I really just wanted to make the rawest, purest music – music that’s just me,” she said. “That way, I don’t have to make music for other people. I don’t want to feel like I’m trying to be someone else.”